Harmony and Health Through Sound

Meet Jan Lanning

 Jan is a certified Acutonics® Sound Healer and an accredited  teacher of the Acutonics® tuning fork system.  Her clients receive sessions which can be deeply relaxing, healing, and life-transitional.  

Part of Jan’s repertoire is her offering of the “Sound Bath."  Visitors sit or recline with their eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the Tibetan and crystal bowls,and also receiving the power of the Pluto gong. The Sound Bath delivers relaxation at a deep level, and for some, the experience of vivid colors or profound insights. 

Music was her career for most of Jan’s life.  After receiving her Bachelors degree in Music Education from Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in Virginia, she taught piano and voice for thirty years in the Washington, D.C. area where she enhanced her music training with master classes in jazz vocals and piano pedagogy.

During the course of her career, Jan’s path led her to exotic places which inspired her work in sound healing.  Egypt, India, and Thailand were her most favorite and influential destinations.

 In 2003, Jan took a Level One course in the Acutonics® Tuning Fork system in New York.  That weekend changed her life, and she turned her focus from teaching music to the active pursuit of the work of vibrational healing through Kairos Institute of Sound Healing in New Mexico.  Jan has now opened a new Sound Healing practice in the Bay Area of San Francisco, CA.  where she is offering private sessions.  

The Sound Bath is a popular event which many people love.  It is a time to connect with the inner journey, reflect, meditate, and relax.  Jan holds regular Sound Bath events in the Bay Area.